Learning from a master

StyxOnly 42$ each lesson to learn really fast and get in touch with their real potential
. Why do I teach such a low price?? Because my 1st wage is to see the student (child or adult) being happy, and play easily great music (not « gna gna music ») with a smile and pleasure.
With my experience I enjoy see them grow and evolve at THEIR best and see them concentrated (real concentration) and work by themselves, achieving their goals

Did you know that 8 on 10 children having learned piano just hated it and will never touch a piano again no matter how much you spent $$$ for years. So much money spent for what?
A mother once told me that her 2 sons learned many years from a « good » traditional high level teacher and later told her:
Please mom, BURN the piano

So what is a good teacher???
You know learning in the traditional way can become a nightmare for your beloved children

czernyFrederic Chopin had piano lessons has a young child and hated it and abandoned very fast. Of course he was learning the way of Czerny, the same way we still learn
Teachers still teach this way. Later Frederic went to piano learned by himself and reach what we know. Probably the greatest musician of all time because, you know, HE CAN ALL THAT IN IMPROVISATION. Bach also was this way and Mozart. Beethoven unfortunately had his father beating him up to make him play better… Still have teachers using this way but, psychologically beating up. Some teachers really HATE to teach. Did you know??

What does it mean to learn from a master?
Master know the tiny and invisible « strings » that make huge difference in your playing and happy development.
Well, why do we learn if it’s not to grow in happiness.

Repeating again and again is not the way to learn, it’s a way to make yourself become …stupid. You are better than this. « Go play outside », as Chopin once said to his student having practice for 5 hours a day all the week. What will you put in your music if you don’t see LIFE.
Playing scales is not anymore the way to learn.

A master will make you learn what matters.
No stupid music
Great music that you think you couldn’t never play become easy

Experience make the differencechat
Whatever you pay will not make you save money because you will end up to play like stupid and emotional and psychological abuse is a part of black pedagogy (see Alice Miller) which is often part on music teaching traditionally. Seriously.
A student in music should grow healthy and naturally to be an happy adult with is skills well developed and not being psycho-rigid

That’s what means a master. Not only a paper from university but knowing « the way » of learning, the way of playing, the way to virtuoso.
Don’t have your skills destroy by an amateur teacher

Learn the music of Bach, Mozart, Chopin Stravinsky
Learn Jazz and blues, than you can really understand and play the classical because they had « their jazz » at that time. It was Gypsy music, the best ever musician. Hey just look what they can do with a violin.

Jean Genest, master in piano performanceAlex
I know what make it work and what don’t
I played since 50 years, from baroque to romantic, and modern to contemprary
Jazz to Blues and pop.
If you learn to play the real way, you will never say « I cannot play that »
I never said that in my life, Chopin never did, you will not
Learn music with super great fun

If you want to suffer or get bored, find another way

if you have psychological issues it matters and it will help you or your children.

I teach in total respect of the student for more than 30 years
Beginners and advanced accepted because a good start is essential


Jean Genest, teaching for 30 years  in the total respect of each Jean_Geneststudent


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