Very young I started to question myself about the « traditional » way of learning music.

Repeating, playing boring pieces or exercises, hour after hours, for years.  Beeeurk!

Breaking student’s personality to put them in a unique mold. I found a dark world that came from dark ages, a dark « pedagogy » that Alice Miller called « Black or poisonous pedagogy » . Why talking about middle-age in 21th century?? Well, it is all over the place, still today.

Music is one of the last place where we can find poisonous pedagogy.

In french, we would say « Ça passe ou ça casse », « It goes on or brakes ». Most of time, believe me, it breaks. We are talking about a child here. The way we help a boy or a girl to grow or die psychologically.

Let’s go away from horror and look for a beautiful story: a little boy called Frederic Chopin.

ImageAt first, when little Frederic was exposed to learning piano he showed no interest to what the teacher asked him. He refused to go on learning. Later, by himself, little Frederic went to the piano by himself and started improvisation without a teacher. He became the first piano therapist, already at this age. When he plays piano, people say their pain or suffering goes away. The boy look up to the ceiling and let his fingers run on the keyboard. I talk about a 10 years old boy here. Later, he will be the greatest piano composer and pianist of his time (and more). He also became an extraordinary teacher. 


Respect and patience are 2 of the most important qualities that most be found in a teacher

Thanks you to indulge my english, i am french ;o)    au revoir

Jean Genest, pianist, compositor,author and teacher (master in music, 1992)

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